Dorsal Buccal Graft Urethroplasty

Dr. Sean Elliott, from the University of Minnesota, demonstrates a bulbar urethroplasty using buccal graft and placement of the graft along the corporal bodies in a dorsal position

Continent Catheterizable Ileal Cecocystoplasty: University of Utah

Dr. Jeremy Myers, from the University of Utah and the Neurogenic Bladder Research Group demonstrates bladder augmentation and creation of a catheterizable channel with the technique "Catheterizable Ileal Cecocystoplasty (CCIC). CCIC allows enbloc creation of the augment and channel and is reliable and reproducible in adults.

Bulbospongiosus Muscle Sparing Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty

Dr. Alex Vanni, from the Lahey Clinic and Tufts Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts, demonstrates how the bulbospongiosus muscle can be spared, in hopes of preserving ejaculatory function after dorsal buccal mucosa onlay urethroplasty.

Lower Urinary Tract Trauma - Part 1

Dr. Jeremy Myers, from the University of Utah, discussed lower urinary tract trauma involving the bladder. Data is presented from Utah's recent analysis of bladder trauma spanning 15 years.

Perineal Urethrostomy

Dr. Jeremy Myers, from the University of Utah shows perineal urethrostomy for the definitive management of urethral strictures.

Anterior Urethral Strictures - Part 1

Dr. Jeremy Myers discusses the epidemiology and etiology of anterior urethral strictures. Discussion open to all, but geared to medical professionals or urologists.

Urinary Diversion Surgery

Dr. Jeremy Myers from University of Utah describes the surgical options that are available for patients undergoing urinary diversion surgery for conditions like radiation damage or neurogenic bladder.

Pelvic Fracture Complications

Dr. Jeremy Myers, from the University of Utah, describes the complications that can occur in the urinary system from severe pelvic fractures, including erectile dysfunction and urethral injuries.

Pelvic Fracture Urethral Injuries

Dr. Jeremy Myers, from the University of Utah, describes how the urethra in injured during a severe pelvic fracture and some of the treatments that are needed for patients with these injuries.

Radiation Injury & Prostate Cancer

Dr. Jeremy Myers describes the problems that are associated with radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Some treatment options are described.

TURNS and Gifts for Research

Dr. Jeremy Myers explains the importance of supporting the TURNS network. Donations are used to directly research rare urologic disorders.

Urethral Strictures: Surgical Management Options

Dr. Jeremy Myers from the University of Utah explains the types of surgeries that are done for urethral stricture disease. Extensive information is given in this video about these surgeries.

MMC Video

We describe the outcomes of a retrospective review of the use of mitomycin C as an adjunct to trans urethral incision of bladder neck contracture.