Mission Statement

The Trauma and Urologic Reconstructive Network of Surgeons (TURNS) is a multi-institutional group of specialty-trained urologists that is focused on urologic trauma and reconstructive patient care. The goal of TURNS is to advance current practices, standards of care, and patient outcomes within the field of reconstructive urology. We aim to accomplish these goals through state of the art medicine and multi-institutional research.

Current ResearchTURNS Members

Areas of clinical interest for TURNS include the management of the following disorders: urethral strictures, ureteral strictures, male urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, genital reconstruction, Peyronie’s disease, urologic trauma (kidney, ureter, bladder, genital), urologic cancer complications including radiation injuries, and neurogenic bladder.

Patients seeking advanced care with these clinical problems are encouraged to review the content of this website. Fellowship-trained physicians participating in TURNS are located throughout the United States. Consultation may be obtained with any of these physicians and their contact information is provided within.

Information for Patients

The information in our library has been written for patients by TURNS physicians in the hope that it will help you better understand reconstructive urology problems.

Patient Library


NBRG.org was formed in 2015 and is a sister organization that aims to use a similar multi-institutional design to study neurogenic bladder management.

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