3 Operations for Peyronie's disease



Penile prosthesis

Surgical technique

Put stitches on the longer side of the penis to pull the penis to the middle.

Making incision on the short side of the penis and place a graft (either vein orother material) to match the long side.

Placement of a prosthesis to help erection and straighten the penis.

Penile length

Same as the length when stretched in the flaccid state.

1/2 to 1 inch longer than the stretched penile length (depends on the amount of curve).

About the same as stretched penile length.

Risk of impotence after surgery

Very small

From 10 to 50%, depending on penile circulation.


Risk of nerve injury




Operation time

One hour

3-4 hours

1-3 hours


Local + sedation

General or epidural

General or epidural

Hospital stay

Not necessary

Overnight stay


Return to work

1 day

2-3 days

1-4 weeks (depending)

Resume sexual intercourse

5 weeks

8 weeks

5-6 weeks

Other considerations

Cannot correct indentation or hourglass deformity.

Second incision needed in some cases.

Severe penile shortening if the device gets infected.